Monday, July 23, 2018

ITIL - A System for Ensuring Proper IT Service Management

Chad Greenslade is a Dallas, TX-based IT project manager with more than 15 years of leadership experience. Focused on efficiency and responsiveness, Chad Greenslade has extensive knowledge of the information technology infrastructure library (ITIL) framework for managing IT departments. 

One of the five core ITIL components is Service Strategy, which involves creating a service lifecycle pathway that aligns with core business objectives. Using a bespoke demand management process, user profiles are created. These profiles represent those groups of users that typically require access to specific services over a given time period. Understanding user behavior helps to ensure that the right pieces are in place, at the proper capacity, to ensure seamless operations.

Another aspect of ITIL is Financial Management, which brings focus to understanding the specific costs and opportunities involved in providing a suite of services. This includes real time accounting of the money flow associated with the service provider and setting in place a workable budget. It also extends to ensuring that customers pay the correct amount for services provided.

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