Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Tips for Adventurous Eaters

An accomplished information technology (IT) leader, Chad Greenslade most recently served as vice president of IT project management with the ATM manufacturer Cardtronics in Dallas, TX. Outside of the professional arena, Chad Greenslade is an avid world traveler who loves to try new and exotic foods.

In the online publication Serious Eats, Queens-based food writer and culinary tour guide Joe DiStefano offers a number of “commandments” for culinary adventurers everywhere. Much of his advice is borrowed from other influential food writers such as Calvin Trillin and Jim Leff. 

First and foremost, any eater who calls himself or herself adventurous must be willing to try everything not just once, but twice if necessary. In other words, give all types of foods a true chance. 

Citing the culinary opportunities on the streets of Bangkok, Mr. DiStefano encourages adventurous eaters to look outside traditional restaurant settings for new fare. He also recommends giving special attention to house-made hot sauces and ordering off the menu for more unusual meals.

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